Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Breakfast and Liturgy (Photos)

Today we had the largest crowd ever at our annual Good Friday breakfast and liturgy. Unfortunately, it was also the smallest living space we've been in for several years, so it was kind of a tight fit—but we made it work! We had 17 total, all coming from different circles of our lives: some from seminary, some from church, some friends from a local intentional community. Many of them were strangers to one another before eating together this morning.

Good Friday is perhaps the one point on the Christian calendar that does not look forwards or backwards, but just is. Following his crucifixion, death, and being placed in the tomb, Jesus—presumably—is just a corpse. Dead, rotting flesh. The gravity of this holy day rests on those caught in a static aftermath of a failed movement. What is a disciple to do now? With our messiah dead and buried, we now only have each other. So Good Friday is a time of communal interdependence. For this very reason, no one should ever be alone on this day.

Anyway, here's some pictures.

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