Monday, October 18, 2010

Jesus is Lord

I found this really cool video through my friend Matt. It's theologian Alan Hirsch speaking about the meaning of the phase "Jesus is Lord."

I was surprised, though, that Hirsch never brings up a very crucial point made by this phrase. In first-century Palestine, saying "Jesus is Lord" was tantamount to saying "Caesar is not," thereby denying the emperor his divinity and lordship. I find this especially moving in today's context, seeing America as Rome, and our man-made government as "Caesar." The big problem that so many churches in America face all too often today is that we want to recognize that we are members of both the Kingdom of God and the American Empire, when Jesus clearly calls us to be "in the world, but not of it," remaining citizens of God's kingdom while only living in this one. We are called to such greater things.



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  1. I thought he made some thought provoking points regarding the American church, and knew you'd appreciate his perspective. I had never heard of Hirsch before, but a bit of research reveals that he's quite an interesting fellow.

    If you search for his name on Vimeo, you'll find several more videos, including an interview with him and Shane Claiborne. I haven't watched many of his other videos though.