Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey, hey, hey! It's Music Sunday!

This week, I had the great fortune to see Elf Power, Morning Teleportation, and The Hibernauts live at the Off Broadway in St. Louis, one of my favorite venues. However, as if this isn't awesome enough, I got to watch the show with a couple of my best friends, Matt and Caleb.

The Hibernauts were...okay. They were decent. Actually, I think my favorite part about them was their rockin' bass player, who had tremendous stage presence, as well as tons of talent.

However, it was Morning Teleportation that provided the surprise of the evening with their bizarre, psychedelic influence. Their eclectic style was an impressive combination of electronic piano rock, pop, ska, with a little bit of punk thrown in, and maybe some Animal Collective influence. Good stuff, guys.

Oh yeah, and the drummer asked me if I knew anybody in the St. Louis area that could hook him up with some weed. Sorry, bro. No clue.

Finally, Elf Power took the stage. The lead singer of the band is the brother of one of our English professors here at Southeast Missouri State University, and has been playing with the band since the early nineties. The band itself doesn't really stretch the limits of music, but it certainly is good, solid rock. Good for jammin' to. It's also really easy to see some of the influence between Elf Power and a related band (from the same record label), Neutral Milk Hotel. Kind of a grungy, rough sound.

Also, my little conversation and pseudo-friendship with Morning Teleportation's drummer (I lit his [tobacco] cigarette for him with some matches I had brought with me for my pipe) eventually came back to do me a favor--who knew? As I was waiting in line to pick up some cool merch (I love to support indie bands) when the entire show was over, I realized that I had spend all the cash that I had on hand on beer (Charleville Half-Wit Wheat!). I asked if anyone took debit or credit, but alas, no one had brought their swiper. When I asked the drummer from Morning Teleportation if they had any stuff for sale online, he said no, but then grabbed a CD from his table and handed it to me. After a quick, "Are you sure?"-"Yeah, man, totally" conversation, Matt and Caleb and I walked out the door and headed home with a new indie EP. Awesome.

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