Sunday, February 17, 2013

Djesus Uncrossed

Once in a while SNL features a sketch that is genuinely funny and offers a serious critique of pop culture. Last night's episode included a digital short movie trailer for a Tarantino-esque film entitled Djesus Uncrossed, an obvious parody of the popular film, Django Unchained.

The satirical trailer appears to be a critique of our culture's obsession with overblown violence and gore, but also seems to obliquely accuse Christians of recreating a violent Christ in their own image. No doubt there are many fundamentalists out there for whom "Djesus" fits their idea of what Jesus of Nazareth is like. I have posted the short film below, since I'm a sucker for any reference to Jesus in pop culture.

At least the focus of Jesus's rage is on the Romans, rather than the Jews/Judeans. That's definitely something.

My favorite line: "Critics are calling it, 'A less violent Passion of the Christ.'"

(Warning: Graphic violence and language that some people might find offensive.)

I am typically not a fan of violent films, including the majority of Tarantino's body of work. But what do you think? Is Djesus Uncrossed simply irreverent and offensive, or does it offer a valuable criticism of a culture that has forgotten what it means to follow a nonviolent Christ?

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