Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Because Nic Cage Has To Pay The Bills Somehow

Hold on to yo butts—Nicolas Cage, Ashley Tinsdale, and Chad Michael Murray are starring in a reboot film version of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins's Left Behind.

Like my friend Joel, I too am slightly confused by this whole phenomenon. The books are bad literature, contain bad theology, and the original Kirk Cameron films only compounded this badness. They are—to use a theologically technical term—caca.

Plus, the books themselves are almost 20 years old—hardly relevant. Still, I suppose it really all has to do with our culture's continued fascination with end-of-the-world scenarios that seems to be especially apparent in this year's film lineup.


  1. I read parts of the first book in the series, just to see what my students were reading. It was so excruciatingly bad that it was occasionally entertaining, though not on purpose. Even at that, the best I could do was read the beginning and end and skim the rest. Thankfully, I never saw the movies.