Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Hey, y'all! I'm posting today on behalf of my friend Derek, who plays in a one-man band called The Homeless Gospel Choir. He's trying to release a new album (on vinyl, as well as digital download) called You Work So Hard Just To Be Like Everyone Else.  I really like this guy and his message, and think that you, O gentle reader, might like him, as well.

Derek's cool, because he doesn't rely on record labels and managers to earn his money for him. He creates meaningful, beautiful, and sometimes offensive art, and produces it himself. But he needs help getting this new album out there. Specifically, he needs about $1,500 to produce the record and the merchandise for the record. So hop on over to his kickstart site and pledge a couple bucks--or 15 or 20.


  1. I wish the video included some idea of what Derek's music sounds like. Is an update in the works?

  2. Jim! I see you managed to figure out the comment situation!

    I don't know about his plans for updating his video, but I have lots of his music. Actually, some of it even plays in the coffee shop sometimes. And there are a few sampler CDs free for the taking featuring Derek's music. They're sitting on the radiator near the chalkboard.