Friday, September 24, 2010

Military Suicide Rates Rising

Just found this article on Yahoo: Military Suicide Prevention Efforts Fail: Report.

There's something so sad about this. It's almost as if...God recognizes the failure of military action to stand up to his idea of a truly Christ-like society. There are so few (if any) circumstances in which military involvement benefits (or, at the very least, does not harm in some way) everyone involved.

We are children of God. You, me, and everyone in between. Military action is not the answer to our problems--it only begets more violence.

Pray for the victims of PTSD, as well as the families of those affected by the suicides of military personnel.

And while I'm thinking about it, please pray for the family of Teresa Lewis, the mentally disabled woman who was executed yesterday evening in Virginia, despite public outcry. May God grant her the mercy she was so blatantly denied by her brothers and sisters here in the USA, one of the few "developed" countries still clinging to a warped sense of justice that says that it is okay to kill people who kill people.

I am so saddened by everything going on around us. Sometimes I hate the world so much that I see so little hope in humanity.

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