Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Early Church and Trinitarian Theology

I stumbled upon this cartoon by David Hayward the other day. I am currently taking a course on early Christian worship, and this cartoon struck me as a succinct summary of the development of ancient Christianity and Trinitarian theology, as well as an honest assessment of the contemporary Church in light of the power afforded us by the Spirit.


  1. Even in my Early Church classes, I never thought of it this way, but it does make a whole lot of sense. Doesn't make the Trinity any more or less real, but it definitely is a bit of extra motivation to emphasize it over and against our own duties.

    1. I agree, Ryan. In some ways the cartoon is a bit overly simplistic in its portrayal of the Trinity. But that's also kind of the point. It wouldn't be as funny without imagining the "Holy Ghost" as a person with a sheet over its head. However, I do think the cartoon articulates well the progression of theological empowerment from the Abba to the Son to the Spirit and finally to the Body.