Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pat McCullough on Why NOT to Blog

Just came across Pat McCullough's (Kata ta Biblia) post this morning about reasons why students and scholars shouldn't blog. He raises some good concerns.

He ultimately settles on the idea that blogging is actually a good thing, but that there should be more blogs out there that focus on method and theory rather than addressing whatever controversial sandwich Rob Bell had for lunch that day. I think he's right, but does that mean that my post about his post is pointless? Probably.


  1. Of course it's not pointless! Link love is always appreciated :)

    It also tipped me off to your blog, which I hadn't noticed. Good to see another Menno biblioblogger out there! Nice to to "meet" you, Joshua.

    1. Thanks! Nice to meet you, too! Didn't expect you'd find this, although I guess I should have suspected a pingback on your blog.

    2. You'd be surprised who finds your blog. You mention somebody, they find you :)

      I've got you in my feed now. Look forward to reading more.