Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some long-awaited pics from around the ol' homestead.

Alyssa and I have spent the last few weeks getting settled into our new house, our new community, and our new church. Here are some photos from our house.
The living room sun window
Lots o' books
The studio. All of this came from the SEMO
ceramics studio when they moved. The
buckets are various glazes and clays.
The wheel. It looks really tiny in this
The upstairs studio area also has a little
music space/recording studio.
The guest bedroom
Our dining room has a little display cabinet with leaded
glass windows.
Wedding china on the left, handmade ceramics on the right.
Our dining room table is ten and a half feet long. Lots of
room for community meals and long discussions over
coffee or wine.
The table runner is actually a shawl I
bought while I was in Burma.
The garden!
The cabbage is doing surprisingly well...
The zucchini is taking over
Tomatoes. I finally caged 'em today. I took these pics right
after watering the garden, so everything looks kind of droopy.


  1. Looks great! Hope we'll be able to get settled into our new place as quickly as you guys did!

  2. the house, the wheel, the garden all look great! Do you play that banjo?

  3. I do, occasionally. I don't know much about it, but with the advent of the internet, you can learn pretty much anything you want within a matter of minutes...