Monday, March 28, 2011

More work from the studio

Hi! I'm not dead, I promise. I've just been incredibly busy, and will probably continue to be busy for the next few weeks. Certainly at least until my final seminary class of the semester ends sometime in late April.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of some pieces I took out of the gas kiln the other day. I'm getting a little better, but I'm still frustrated with my amateurish glazing.

This didn't turn out as pretty as I expected.
It was supposed to have some  iron-red coloring,
but it turned out the color of baby poop.
Maybe it'll be good for some kind of
church service or something. I dunno.

This is a chalice I made for my friends at Lotus House,
an intentional community in St. Louis. It shrunk considerably in the
kiln and so it is very small, but it'll still get the job done, I think.

A small container for sacramental elements.
Water, wine, anointing oil. Whatevah.

The "cork" is actually ceramic, as well.

This mug turned out really well. When I finished it,
I came home and jokingly announced to Alyssa:
"I quit. I have made the perfect mug."

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  1. That perfect mug is mine, now. End of discussion. It's big enough to hold tons of coffee AND it's blue. Score.